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What is this web page?

I have posted this mini blog to expand on an abbreviated description of my recovery from spinal surgery included in my LinkedIn profile....

Posterior Cervical Fusion

The operation involved removing the back side (spinus processes) of five vertebrae, C-3, C-4, C-5, C-6, and C-7, which were then...

Operation report

John H Shin, MD Physician Neurosurgery Spine Op Note Signed Date of Service: 3/29/2019 9:09 AM Procedure: POSTERIOR CERVICAL FUSION...

A little history

How did this all come to pass? I had known about my cervical/spinal stenosis since college, during the early 1980s. A blow from behind...

How am I doing now?

In early June 2020 (1 year and 2 months post-op), my neck feels stiff, but the periodic discomfort and pain earlier experienced occurs...

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